Allison Fine

Futurist |Author | Activist

"Our charge right now is to focus on what we do best: Being creative and generous people, and fearlessly leading organizations that solve problems and serve people well." Allison Fine, Matterness

Organizations are living organisms. And just like people, they require sustenance, direction and resilience for success. My life’s work has been on understanding how and why organizations dedicated to social change work best, aligning actions with core values, and, perhaps most importantly, spreading out and using power wisely and well for social good.  

I am a researcher, writer, and organizational coach and consultant. I help organizations pinpoint their problems, build plans to achieve their goals, pivot from being transactional to relational (particularly in fundraising) and take down their walls to engage with the world in real, meaningful ways.  

I am a pioneer in the use of digital technology for social good. I wrote one of the first books on the topic, two subsequent books, and helped to create an entirely new field of activism that happens online and on land.

I believe, and practice, a style of leadership that is flat, inclusive, authentic and very effective (and have the track record to prove it!) My last book, Matterness, is an examination of this style of leadership.

​I am currently working with Beth Kanter exploring the implications of using Artificial Intelligence (AI) for social change. Incredible recent advances in computer power is making AI inexpensive and available for use by smaller organizations. Organizations, and the people who run them, aren’t ready to use the most powerful technology ever available effectively or ethically. We recently released Unlocking Generosity with Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Giving, a paper funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. ​


Coming in March 2022!

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TThe Smart Nonprofit, my latest book with Beth Kanter, is coming out in early 2022. It's a jargon-free primer on the ways AI and other "smart tech" are revolutionizing what organizations do and how they do it.  


Smart Nonprofits understand how to use this technology ethically and well to turn the page on an era of frantic busyness and scarcity!