I look to the world around me for fresh inspiration, and each project I work on is a unique and fulfilling experience. With years of experience and love of the written word, I am able to adapt my writing style to suit the needs of my client, whatever the industry and project type, without losing my artistic voice. I invite you to peruse a selection of my most recent work. Get in touch for more information.


A new and empowering way of looking at and organizing social change! How can we move from serving soup until our elbows ache to solving chronic social ills like hunger or homelessness?  How can we break the disastrous cycle of low expectations that leads to chronic social failures? The answers to these questions lie within Momentum, a fresh, zestful way of thinking about and organizing social change work.

"Momentum is a clear, timely roadmap for activists and funders. Never has the need to change how we think about our work been greater. Momentum is a must-read for doers and funders serious about social change work."
—Pablo Eisenberg, senior fellow, Public Policy Institute, Georgetown University

This groundbreaking book shows nonprofits a new way of operating in our increasingly connected world: a networked approach enabled by social technologies, where connections are leveraged to increase impact in effective ways that drive change for the betterment of our society and planet.

"URGENT! Read this book. Take notes. Take action. If you work for a nonprofit, you don't have to do every single thing these seasoned authors have to share, but you certainly have to know what you're missing."
―Seth Godin, Author of "Purple Cow" and "This is Marketing"

The threat of a connected world creates a deep-in-the-gut fear for many leaders. This book explains that we don't need better people; we need better leaders who focus on the stuff that matters. When people matter the most, the priorities change. We begin to see our organizations from the outside in, listen to suggestions and ideas, work with and not at other people and organizations. When we're in conversation and connected we can direct how we want to work, get to the essence of our personal or professional goals, and make work manageable and enjoyable again.

"Allison Fine has done it again! She lays out the concept of "Matterness" by offering best practices, stories, and examples of ways of working for organization as they ride the second wave of the social media revolution."
―Beth Kanter, Author, Beth's Blog


Rehumanizing Fundraising with AI, Stanford Social Innovation Review, October 2020. Using AI for fundraising can create an, "AI Dividend" enabling fundraisers to spend more time building relationships with donors.

Unlocking Generosity with Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Giving. (August 2020) A first-of-its-kind paper examining the ways that Artificial Intelligence is poised to increase giving to nonprofit causes.

Crossing the Tattoo Line: Nurturing Young Women Leaders in America (April 2019) Ways older women can do to support younger women entering the public arena.

Leveraging the Power of Bots for Civil Society (April 2018) Autonomous technologies can support social services programs, but delivery must always be centered around people.

Fearless Leadership in a Social World (October 2014) Most leaders of traditional organizations are missing enormous opportunities to tap into the social networks, ingenuity, and good will of their own constituents.

The Social Network Behind Wendy Davis (July 2013) The work of individual activists, not just organizations, helped make the Texas filibuster an event to remember.