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Network of Elected Women

Bots, AI & Civil Society

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Women are winning elections to town and city councils, school boards, and county legislatures in record numbers. However after the votes are counted, there is very little support for learning how to successfully navigate legislative work, sidestep the haters and mischief-makers, all while managing their regular jobs and lives.


That’s where the Network of Elected Women (NEW) comes in. NEW provides locally elected women with the connections, support and guidance they need to succeed. We do so by connecting them to one another online, on land and by providing content specifically tailored to elected women.  

The bots are here! They are changing the way we work and live. They're also changing the way social change happens. Partnering with Beth Kanter (again and hurrah!) we are examing the ways that robots, AI and automated technology is changing the way social change is organized and happens.

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